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Losing your sex drive, feeling drained of energy, and losing your edge in athletics are all signs you may need testosterone replacement therapy. At Regenerative Health NY, located in East Northport or Little Neck, New York, Kevin Kattau, PA-C, specializes in helping men with low testosterone regain their natural vitality with treatments that restore their natural hormone levels. To learn if your symptoms are caused by low testosterone, call the office or use the online booking feature today.


Why is testosterone replacement therapy important?
As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone triggers the changes that occur during puberty. Then it continues to fill essential roles throughout your life as it:
Your male reproductive organs ensure you always have a steady supply of testosterone by keeping its blood levels within a specific range. Health problems develop when your levels go above or below that range.
When do men need testosterone replacement therapy?
You may need testosterone replacement therapy when you have sub-optimal testosterone levels, a condition frequently caused by hypogonadism.
Hypogonadism occurs when your testicles cannot produce enough testosterone. Many health conditions lead to hypogonadism, including:

You can end up with low testosterone even if you’re healthy. Men’s testosterone levels naturally decline by 1% every year after age 30.

What symptoms indicate it’s time for testosterone replacement therapy?
As your hormone levels drop, you may experience:

You may prevent or reverse these symptoms with testosterone replacement therapy.

What happens during testosterone replacement therapy?
Before prescribing testosterone, your provider completes a thorough evaluation including blood work and imaging tests to rule out other underlying health conditions and learn about your hormone levels.
After deciding if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, your provider discusses the type of treatment that’s available. They usually recommend testosterone injections, but you may be able to use other forms, such as topical creams and oral tablets.
Most patients start to see results in one to three weeks then your provider regularly monitors all your hormones and related pertinent levels to ensure you’re getting the proper dosage.

Call or Text Regenerative Health NY or book an appointment online to learn if you can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)
For men, who are on TRT and who would like to come off of TRT to “take a break” or men who use recreational anabolic; and would like to restart their own natural production of testosterone.


People with history of heavy use of anabolic steroids usually lose their fertility, either temporarily, or even sometimes permanently! The trained professionals at Regenerative Health have the ability to monitor, test, and reactivate your natural production.